City the outside

City the outside As a result selfgovernment is so important because by means of it free children get the width of a view of the world.

Their laws deal with sushchnost, but not with visibilities.

The laws regulating behavior in the city, for example, are a compromise with less free civilization.

City the outside world spends the precious forces for concern on trifles.

As though by and large for life though some value has, whether elegantly you are dressed, swear or not.

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To acquaint

To acquaint To acquaint him with names of the various transport and to ask to show the following parts according to pictures: wheels, headlights, seat, oars, body To enshrine the generalizing concept transport in the dictionary.

To acquaint the child with means of transport: land, underground, water, air.

To tell the child about professions of people which operate different types a trance port pilot, driver, driver, captain, driver, etc.


To acquaint the child with multiplevalued words.

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We could

We could It was especially difficult when we opened school.

We could accept children only from the highest and the center of the population as we needed to make ends somehow meet.

For us there was no rich man patron.

Right at the beginning one kind person who wished to keep anonymity helped us to endure couple of difficult moments; later one of parents gave a generous gift new kitchen, the radio receiver, a new wing to our house, a new workshop.

It was the ideal sponsor he did not lay down any conditions and asked nothing in exchange.

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Ask that

Ask that Give to your child a blank sheet with cages and four pictures with the same four pictures.

Ask that your child placed pictures on pure cages in the same order in which they remember.

When your child made, show an original leaf with cages and drill as pictures are in the correct order.

In process of progress increase difficulty, increasing the size of a grid of cages to ×, ×, ×, etc.

You can also facilitate when using smaller number of pictures.

For example, Where at you could be × a grid of cages with four pictures placed in casual provisions and where two squares are left the blank.

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In the best

In the best And so, till Dashas birth exactly towards the winter we managed to fill in the base of our future mansion.

In the best traditions of domestic construction foundation of the house was put in October when already kneedeep there was a water which was becoming covered in the mornings by an ice crust.

Generally, all as at people.

Then I did not take active part in a laying of a patrimonial nest, the father with Dima were wound in search of concrete, fittings and other building materials.

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